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Spanish language courses in London

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Spanish courses London

Lingualearn Spanish language courses in London

Lingualearn is able to offer in-company Spanish language courses in London. We have a very large network of language trainers on our books at present, all qualified and experienced native-speaker trainers. 

All our courses are tailor-made to suit the needs of small groups or individuals.  We would suggest starting with a needs analysis for each person who is interested.  This would consist of a Spanish language assessment (email test in the target language, checked by telephone when necessary), questionnaire and interview to evaluate the needs, wants, strengths and weaknesses of each potential trainee.  Following this needs analysis we would design a training plan for each person concerned.  The training plan could contain elements of:

  1. a self-study package using tapes, CD ROMs, websites, books, videos ... [see our materials section]
  2. in-company language training in a small group or 1:1
  3. a distance course using telephone, email and web-based materials [see our distance courses section]
  4. personal tuition at the tutor's home, in a restaurant, or other suitable location [see our tutors section]

One of the main features of our courses is the exceptionally high quality.  We only use the best Spanish language trainers and learning materials available.  We also offer in-company training at almost any time of the day, seven days a week: lunchtime lessons, early morning sessions, evening classes, Spanish-language weekend seminars ... all within the London area.

The needs of Spanish language learners vary considerably from person to person, and from company to company.  There is no one ideal method nor approach to language training.  Some trainees require a more structured, traditional approach, while others prefer a more communicative methodology.  We try to take into account the learning preferences of each individual, giving them just the right amount of challenge and encouragement.

Spanish language courses in London

In-company Spanish language courses are for a minimum of 20 hours; we recommend at least two hours per week.  Courses vary in price according to their length, location, number of delegates and complexity, but a ball-park figure for a 20 hour course would be £1,400 [approx' $2,600 US, EUR 2,100, $3,000 CAN] with a qualified native-speaker trainer.  This price would include a high quality Spanish course for up to 6 employees, but exclude needs analysis, materials and VAT.  The cost of training is slightly lower for longer courses (e.g. for 40 hours+) and individuals, but slightly higher in large cities (e.g. central London) and for larger groups of Spanish language learners.


Why use Lingualearn for Spanish courses in London?


Lingualearn is able to offer in-company courses and personal tutors for Spanish and many other languages. 

Advice on choosing Spanish courses in London

Spanish language courses in London may be provided by schools, colleges, universities, adult education centres, private language schools, and other businesses.   They vary considerably in quality and character.  When selecting a Spanish language course ask about:

  • language level (try to get a course that is just a little difficult for you)
  • class size (6 to 12 is a size that seems to suit many people)
  • hours per week 
  • total length of course
  • facilties available e.g. satellite TV, listening lab', library ...
  • qualifications of the Spanish language teacher
  • native speaker teacher or not
  • percentage of time that the target language is used in class
  • book or other materials used
  • focus of the Spanish language course e.g. travel, business, examination ...
  • cost

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COST of Spanish language courses in London

When trying to assess a language training provider, many companies will focus on the cost of a Spanish language course in London as it is easy to make numerical comparisons and relatively difficult to assess the quality of services.
How many companies realise that their main investment during corporate training is the time spent by their employees? The cost of this time usually far exceeds the cost of the training provider. It is important that this large investment is not wasted, by selecting a training provider that will make maximum use of your valuable time.
Lingualearn can motivate your employees to learn, encourage their efforts and inspire them to really achieve their maximum potential in a foreign language. For a cost similar to many other corporate training providers of Spanish language courses in London, Lingualearn offers so much more - see list of key benefits on this page or contact us now for a quick response with answers to your questions.

TESTIMONIALS on Spanish language courses

We carried out a survey in September 2004 and found that 87% of Lingualearn clients rated our Spanish language courses as good or very good. Here are some typical comments from some of our students:

Spanish Beginner Level Course in London: "It was really good. I completely understood everything. She made it very easy. I've got some CDs, but I have to collect the other materials. It went really well. We did much more than I expected. Our teacher is very good."
Spanish Beginner Level Course in London: "It's going pretty well. I need to do a lot more studying, but I find it fun. I'm learning OK, but we have only had 3 lessons so it's a bit early to say. I'm at the beginner level and for me it's easier than for the others as I have a Latin background. It's going pretty well. Yes, it's fun, relaxed...perfect."

Here are some typical comments from executives working for one of our main customers:
“The course is going well. It’s not too difficult ... it’s very good.”
“The support materials are excellent ... I’ve tried quite a few and these are the best available.”
“I’m very happy in general ...we are learning a lot. The course is very interactive. We even stayed working after 7pm without noticing. It’s just perfect. We are learning in a nice and friendly atmosphere.”

Information on Spanish courses in London

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Materials for studying Spanish in London


Michel Thomas Foundation Course: Spanish (Michel Thomas) [Audiobook] (Audio CD)

Michel Thomas

Our Price: £69.99


 Learn Spanish anywhere in London with this self-study software.

Availability: Usually dispatched within 2-3 days, but click on the image for our latest price and availability


Michel Thomas's approach to language learning aims to provide in a few hours a functional working knowledge of a language without books, note-taking or conscious memorising. This course provides an eight-hour course.

Beginners, intermediate & advanced

Tell Me More Premium 8 Level 1 + 2


RRP: £228.99

 Learn Spanish anywhere in London with this self-study software.

Availability: Usually dispatched within 2-3 days, but click on the image for our latest price and availability

  • Over 500 hours of learning English and 40 types of activities.
  • Varied exercises focusing on comprehension, writing and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and culture.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Evaluation of your pronunciation and interactive dialogues with speech recognition
  • 3 hours' worth of video activities
  • 3D Phonetic animations and much more



Talk Now! Spanish


Our Price: £24.99


Learn Spanish anywhere in London with this self-study software.

Availability: Usually dispatched within 2-3 days, but click on the image for our latest price and availability

  • It's addictive, fun and makes learning easy
  • Topics: first words, phrases, shopping, numbers and time
  • Ideal for beginners



See more Spanish course materials and software from Lingualearn

Spanish language courses in London

Lingualearn is able to provide a very wide range of Spanish language learning and language acquisition services in London. The different types of learning experience is usually a blend of face-to-face courses, distance courses, eLearning courses, and self-study materials. The face-to-face Spanish courses in London may be in-company, personal tuition at home, personal tuition at the tutor's home, or an intensive course at a training venue. Our Spanish language trainers in London are adept at providing just the right blend of learning to meet our customers' needs.

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

For an introduction by Dr Mike Freeman: click here

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