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About Us

Lingualearn is a private limited company incorporated in the UK.  At the core of this company is a large network of dedicated professionals who are passionate about language and culture learning, language products and services.  We are a diverse group of consultants, teachers, lecturers, translators, materials writers, researchers, managers, interpreters, tutors, IT trainers and agents from across Europe.  Our staff are exceptionally well qualified and hand-picked to provide very high quality services.

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Our Policies:

a) To provide a comprehensive selection of goods and services related to language and culture learning, and international communications at competitive prices.
b) To provide a high quality and flexible service to businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and individuals world-wide.
c) To remain independent so that we can give unbiased, expert and accurate advice.
d) To allow a free and open exchange of ideas and trade through the Lingualearn website, so that it is considered to be an open marketplace for all decent, proper and legal goods and services related to language, culture and international communications.
e) To maintain non-racist, non-sexist, non-ageist, and environmentally friendly policies.
f) To celebrate the diversity of languages and cultures world-wide.
g) To support those less fortunate in regular, systematic and appropriate ways, and in accordance with the financial reserves of the company.  Most registered charities will be offered a 10% reduction on our normal prices; to take advantage of this offer please submit a request on headed paper showing your charitable status and registration number.
h) We may not wish to cooperate with individuals or companies involved in exploitation or making profit from the misfortune of others e.g. drug dealers, tobacco companies, manufacturers of torture equipment etc.

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Company Details:

Company Name: Lingualearn Limited
Company Number: 3973795
VAT Number: 784 0518 19
Managing Director: Dr M. I. Freeman, BSc (hons), MA (App Ling), PhD (Surrey), PGCE, PDMS
Senior consultants:
Dr M Evans, BA (hons), PhD (Edinburgh), RSA
Dr F Clark, BSc (hons), MA, DPhil (Sussex), RSA
Dr J Allin, MEng, PhD (Imperial)
Dr Natalia Tronenko, BA (hons), MA, PhD (Kiev, Ukraine), DPhil (Oxon)
Dr A M Lees, BSc (hons), MSc, PhD (Keele), MInstP, CPhys

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