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Useful links and resources on language testing (in alphabetical order)

ALTE - The Association of Language Testers in Europe

Certification in 2005 by Dr M I Freeman

Conference: The Work of the Council of Europe in the field of Modern Languages,
1957 – 2001
by John Trim

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - a practical tool for setting clear standards

Communicative language testing - an attainable goal ?
(Nick Miyata-Boddy and Clive S. Langham, 2000)

EALTA - European Association for Language Testing and Assessment; also see their useful links page

Eurobarometer Report 54 - a survey of public opinion undertaken in 2000

- pdf file

Foreign Language Test Database - a joint project of Georgetown University, The George Washington University, and the Center for Applied Linguistics

Language Testing Resources - from Glen Fulcher

National Language Standards (revised 2005) have been approved by the UK regulatory authorities and are available as a free, downloadable document (pdf, 321kb).

Test Purposes - by Greta J. Gorsuch (The Language Teacher Online)

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