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Personal tutors

Lingualearn services

Lingualearn is able to offer the services of personal tutors for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.  The tutors are all native speakers and experienced teachers of the target languages.  Most tutors are able to offer tuition at the client's home, some prefer to work at their own home, and others will give lessons via the telephone, email and internet.  We select our tutors very carefully.

There are no special materials, nor syllabi, for these courses, as clients usually come to their own arrangements with tutors as to what methods are used.  Some clients prefer to use a coursebook as support, others prefer a CD ROM or video course, and others will just have some conversation classes to maintain their skills acquired abroad or by other means.  Whatever method is used, we offer a high quality service, with the tuition carefully adapted to individual needs.

We can arrange lessons with personal tutors for a minimum of 20 hours; we recommend at least two hours per week.  Tutors' fees vary in price according to their qualifications, experience and type of tuition required, but a ballpark figure for 20 hours would be £1200 + VAT with a qualified native-speaker teacher.  This price would include travel expenses (where necessary), but not registration (£50), materials or VAT.  The cost of tuition is slightly lower for longer courses (e.g. for 40 hours), but slightly higher for couples, small groups and in large cities (e.g. central London).  Once our quotation is accepted, we'll send you an order form, an invoice for the course fee plus £50 registration, together with our terms and conditions of trade.

Please complete the online registration form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  There is no obligation and one of our consultants will contact you with a price and suggested starting date.  If the price is too high, we can suggest ways of lowering it, e.g. incorporating some element of self-study.

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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