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Translation - medical, legal, technical & general translations

For an introduction by Dr Mike Freeman: click here. [YouTube video clip]


At Lingualearn we are able to offer our clients a professional translation service. We cater for virtually any of the major languages, any sector of industry and most text types: reports, manuals, contracts etc. This is possible because of our very large network of professional translators. We work closely with our clients to ensure a quality translation, well-presented, accurate and relevant to the target readership. The procedure would typically be as follows:

  • Client submits outline details of the job type using the on-line form and a sample text by email/fax/post or courier (we suggest this is sent as a Word attachment to info@lingualearn.co.uk)
  • For larger jobs, clients should send us their whole project in one folder. If it is less than 5 Mbts, please send by email to info@lingualearn.co.uk; if not, we have a fast, secure file upload system.
  • We quote a price and turnaround time based on certain factors such as length of the document, standard of presentation required and the degree of subject speciality
  • The translation is despatched either physically or electronically, according to the client's preference
  • Payment can be made online using a credit card, by bank transfer or cheque.

All translations are subject to the procedures recognised as professional by the professional translation bodies, the ITI and IoL. We can, at the client's request, keep an electronic copy of any translation undertaken in order to ensure consistency across documents if further translations are to be requested.

Our translators are encouraged to contact clients directly whenever it seems necessary to clarify ambiguities, suggest improvements to the original text, or to put forward modifications considered necessary due to cultural factors.

One main difference between our services and those of our competitors is that we mainly use specialist translators, e.g. medical translators to work on medical texts. As we translate many medical texts, we have a very large database of specialist medical translators and proof-readers. These specialists have many years experience of dealing with medical texts and keep their knowledge up-to-date. They are less likely to misinterpret source texts and more likely to produce meaningful texts with up-to-date terminology.

Another difference is that our translators have good IT skills and a wide range of translation software. We can often save our clients time and money by working directly with their source files.

We also try to ensure that all your translations are as consistent as possible and have a similar style. For this reason, we ask clients to send us copies of any previous translations, reference texts and glossaries that are available to guide our translators.

Our translation rates vary considerably, depending on the language and technical difficulty, but a good guide would be £115 to £150 per 1000 words for a high quality translation from English into any of the major European languages.  Our quotations for translation work normally include the cost of professional translation fees and transmission by email or fax, but exclude VAT, proof-reading (by a second proof-reader/translator), graphics, layout, and the cost of courier services.  Proof-reading (by a second proof-reader/translator) costs an extra £60-80 per 1000 words. Extra charges are made for urgent work/rush jobs involving evenings, weekends, nightwork and bank holidays (10% to 50% extra) and working with original texts/hard copies (10% to 30% extra). Short texts of up to 5,000 words tend to be more expensive, whereas longer texts of more than 50,000 words tend to be less expensive. Costs for typesetting will be quoted according to the complexity of the layout, the typeface required, the language and the file format.

We are able to cater for very large projects. If you need to send us large files, (>5MBts) or numerous files, please use our fast, secure file upload system.

For a fast and free quotation, please complete our on-line form and send your source text to info@lingualearn.co.uk now!

The minimum order for this service is currently £200 + VAT for general texts and £300 + VAT for medical/legal/technical texts.


We specialise in multi-lingual websites and can easily quote for a translation or the creation of a new site in two or more languages.

For a fast and free quotation, please complete our on-line form now! 

We also offer a comprehensive multilingual document service, including design, printing and distribution.


Another option is the creation of a company-specific multi-lingual glossary.  This is a list of key words translated into two or more languages.  The glossary may be supplied in different formats: on handy laminated cards with languages in different colours, electronically (e.g. in a spreadsheet), or incorporated into a translation software package.  These glossaries speed up the process of translation, help to maintain consistency, and act as a handy reference tool for all your employees.  The cost of these glossaries will depend on format, number of words, and degree of technical difficulty.  As a rough guide, we can supply a pack of 100 laminated cards with a glossary of 60 key words or short phrases in four languages (e.g. English, French, German and Spanish) for £800 - including the cost of printing, lamination, postage and packing, but not VAT.

For a fast and free quotation, please complete our on-line form now!

Why use Lingualearn?


We use specialist translators medical, legal, scientific and technical translations Good quality texts; accurate and meaningful

Experienced translators Appropriate style and terminology

Checked carefully Fewer errors and corrections

We keep backup copies of your source texts medical, legal, scientific and technical translations You have a copy if you need one

You will find further details for translation and links for specific languages in the Learners' section.

medical, legal, scientific and technical translations

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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