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Tailor-made English Courses

Lingualearn services

Lingualearn is a private limited company incorporated in the UK. At the core of this company is a large network of dedicated professionals who are passionate about language and culture learning, language products and services. 

We are able to offer very high quality English courses tailor-made for business people and professionals. Each course is designed for individual needs and all tuition is on a 1:1 basis. The advantages of these courses are:

  • personal attention
  • courses are as relevant as possible
  • courses at any time of the year (minimum notice 1 month)
  • courses for any length of time (minimum 1 week)
  • courses are as flexible as possible

In this way, every student is assured that they make as much progress as possible.

We would suggest starting with a needs analysis for each person who is interested.  This would consist of a language assessment (e-mail test in the target language) and questionnaire to evaluate the needs, wants, strengths and weaknesses of each potential trainee.  Following this needs analysis we would design a training plan for each person concerned. 

The needs of trainees vary considerably from person to person, and from company to company.  There is no one ideal method nor approach to language training.  Some trainees require a more structured, traditional approach, while others prefer a more communicative methodology.  We try to take into account the learning preferences of each individual, giving them just the right amount of challenge and encouragement.

The cost of these high quality 1:1 courses with qualified native-speaker teachers would be approximately:

1 week: £500 per day
1 month: £450 per day
2 months: £400 per day
i.e. £50 to £80 per hour, depending on course length and location

This price would include tuition (~8 hours per day) and teaching materials, but not accommodation and VAT.

e.g. A 1-week 1:1 intensive course, with ~48 hours tuition over 6 days, would cost about £5,500 plus VAT.  This would include full board in a very comfortable hotel and training in an air-conditioned conference room.

e.g. A 4-week course, with 20 study days, would cost about £9000, plus accommodation and VAT.  Hotel costs in the UK vary from about £100 to £300 per day.

Please complete the online registration form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  There is no obligation and one of our consultants will contact you with a more accurate price.  We are also able to offer business culture training and international briefing courses.  These may be combined with English language training.  If you also require this type of training, please complete the additional online forms found at the bottom of these sections of our website.

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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