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Proof-reading quotation form

Click here if you require further details about proof-reading before completing the form.

Note fields with an asterisk * must be completed before the form can be sent.

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Request details

Type of document (report, memo, brochure, letter, website, glossary, thesis, manual, workbook...)

Who is the document intended for (shareholders, directors, external client, sales staff...)?

Language of document

Format of document e.g. Word, pdf, rtf etc

Was the text written by a native speaker of this language?


Proof-reading service required

bronze (1 proof-reader & text read once) 
silver (2 proof-readers & text read twice) 
gold (3 proof-readers & text read three times)

How would you like to see the corrections:

proofing log in Word
track changes in Word
corrected and highlighted Word files
comments on pdf file (some languages only)

Does the text require any editing?


Check for cultural appropriacy?


Approximate length (number of words)

Field (pharmaceutical, chemical, engineering, medical, legal, agriculture...)

Date required by

Other information

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Thanks for your request.  We aim to deal with most requests within 7 working days.

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