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Multi-lingual websites

Lingualearn services

At Lingualearn we are able to offer our clients professional translation, localisation and globalisation services. This service can include the creation of new websites, or the translation of existing ones.  We cater for virtually any of the major languages and any sector of industry. This is possible because of our large network of professional translators, designers and webwriters. 

Localisation can help you to reach more potential customers, to maintain greater customer satisfaction, to meet legal requirements, and to gain a competitive advantage.

We work closely with our clients to ensure a quality product, which is well-presented, accurate and relevant to the target readership. The procedure would typically be as follows:

  • client submits outline details of the job type using the on-line form and a sample text by email/fax/post or courier (we suggest that this is sent as a Word attachment to trans@lingualearn.co.uk)
  • for larger jobs, clients should send us their whole project in one folder. If it is less than 5 Mbts, please send by email to trans@lingualearn.co.uk; if not, we have a fast, secure file upload system. We'll scan the whole site using special software and produce an accurate quote.
  • we quote a price and turnaround time based on certain factors such as the number of pages, standard of presentation required, number of graphics required and the degree of subject speciality
  • the product is despatched either physically or electronically, according to the client's preference
  • Payment can be made online using a credit card, by bank transfer or cheque.


Our rates vary considerably depending on the language(s), graphical content and technical difficulty, but a good guide to our prices for a simple website would be:

  Four-Language (European) Starter Website

  • design of four-page website (up to 250 words per page)
  • English, French, German & Spanish versions
  • two hyperlinks per page
  • scanning of company logo (plus up to three photos or images)
  • search engine submission & appropriate meta-tags.

£3000 + VAT

Our quotations for this type of work normally include the cost of professional translation fees, webwriting, graphic design,  proof-reading, and transmission by email or fax, but exclude VAT, printing and the cost of courier services.  The minimum order for a multi-lingual website is currently £1000.  We can also quote for maintenance of multi-lingual sites; as soon as you make any changes to your website in English, you'll need the international pages brought up-to-date.

If you already have a website in English, in some cases it may be more cost-effective to redesign your site completely so that you can more easily cater for the extra space and different layouts needed for other languages.  It may also be desirable to: (a) reduce the quantity of text inside graphics, and (b) remove any redundant text prior to localisation, so that changes can be implemented more easily.  We will advise you on how to implement the various changes most effectively.

We can 'internationalise' or 'globalise' your website in the following ways, where you will find relevant examples:

Complete our on-line form for a fast and free quotation now!

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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