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Comprehensive multi-lingual document service: brochures, leaflets, instruction manuals, reports etc in many languages

Lingualearn services

This unique service covers all aspects of production from start to finish:

1. Proof-reading and editing of documents in English
2. Translation into most foreign languages using specialist professional translators
3. Independent proof-reading of translated texts
4. Checking texts for cultural appropriateness
5. Design, layout and typesetting of documents using QuarkXPress
6. Addition of images and graphics - where necessary
7. Printing (digital or litho) by specialist printers
8. Collation, assembly and binding of documents
9. Packing, post/distribution

This is a fully integrated and seamless service designed to provide a fast and reliable service.

We are able to cater for very large projects. If you need to send us large files, (>5MBts) or numerous files, please use our fast, secure file upload system.

Complete our on-line form and send your source text to trans@lingualearn.co.uk for a fast and free quotation now! For larger jobs, clients should send us their whole project in one folder. If it is less than 5 Mbts, please send by email to trans@lingualearn.co.uk; if not, we have a fast, secure file upload system. We'll scan the whole project using special software and produce an accurate quote.

The minimum order for this service is currently £200 + VAT

Why use Lingualearn?


Complete service brochures, leaflets,
              instruction manuals, reports etc in many languages Less of your time wasted searching around

We use specialist translators Good quality texts; accurate and meaningful

Checked carefully Fewer errors and corrections

Experienced team of designers Clear and effective layout

Latest printing equipment High quality products at competitive prices

5 vans Can pick up artwork and deliver products to anywhere in UK


N.B. These services are provided in conjuction with our partners Gemini Press Ltd

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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