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Market Research

Service Discontinued.

This product or service was discontinued on 19th of July 2012. Following the restructuring of the company, the board decided to focus on our core products and services related to language learning.

Lingualearn would like to thank you for your past custom and hope that this change does not cause you any inconvenience.

Lingualearn services

The Lingualearn network of staff is able to offer market research across a wide range of markets and products. We can collect and analyse data in most languages using a variety of techniques e.g. internet, email, telephone etc. Our researchers have the latest data collection techniques at their disposal, using intelligent self-checking online forms.

Examples of research projects:

  • Finding suitable overseas suppliers
  • Surveying products across a range of international markets
  • Finding foreign partners
  • Identifying possible clients
  • Collecting information from websites in different languages
  • Telephoning contacts abroad
  • Requesting prices and terms of trade in various languages
  • Collecting information and opinions from foreign customers

Each request for market research will be treated individually and with great care.  We shall attempt to meet your exact requirements and find just the right researcher or group of researcher for each job.  Clients should allow 2 to 4 weeks for us to assemble a suitable team for larger projects.  The general procedure followed by our researchers is as follows:

1. Find out customer needs in detail
2. Suggest a plan for data collection
3. Allow time for reflection
4. Collect data
5. Monitor carefully the data collection and test for accuracy and reliability
6. Analyse data
7. Write report
8. Present data to clients
9. Check on customer satisfaction after completion of work

The current rates for researchers are:

Senior researchers £700 to £1000 per day, depending on the difficulty and complexity of work.

These rates are exclusive of VAT, travel, and hotel expenses.  Lower rates apply to projects in excess of 20 working days.

Please send all enquires for researcher work to mike@lingualearn.co.uk or telephone/fax us on 01273-597169 or simply express interest using a short online form and we'll get back to you to collect further details.

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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