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Consultancy and advice on all aspects of language learning and international communications

Lingualearn services

Lingualearn is able to offer a wide range of consultancy services related to language learning and international communications.  These services may be grouped into three broad areas, although some overlap may occur:

1. Language consultancy

  • needs analysis for language training
  • language testing, screening & evaluation
  • language audits & international communication strategies for companies 
  • language course designs for universities, industry, commerce and government agencies
  • language, resource, teacher and self-access centre designs
  • monitoring & evaluation of language programmes
  • design of individual language programmes 
  • distance and on-line learning programmes
  • computer-assisted predictions of progress on language courses
  • inspections of language centres and departments
  • setting up language centres, departments, associations ...
  • advice on the organisation of student residence abroad (studentships, assistantships and work placements)
  • advice on setting up multi-lingual telemarketing operations
  • advice on language learning by multi-lingual children
  • guest lectures on language and culture learning
  • commissioning of books & articles on language and culture learning.

2. IT and equipment consultancy (see our equipment section for more details) 

3. Business consultancy

  • selling, advertising and marketing language courses
  • accounting and financial management of language schools
  • financing and insuring new installations
  • recruiting and managing language professionals.

Each request for consultancy work will be treated individually and with great care.  We shall attempt to meet your exact requirements and find just the right consultant or group of consultants for each job.  Clients should allow two to four weeks for us to assemble a suitable team for larger projects.  The general procedure followed by our consultants is as follows:

1. Find out customer needs in detail
2. Offer independent, accurate & unbiased advice on a range of options
3. Allow time for reflection (no high-pressure techniques)
4. Offer flexible payment arrangements
5. Monitor carefully the delivery of services
6. Check on customer satisfaction after completion of work.

The current rates for consultants are:

Consultants - £700 to £900 per day, depending on the difficulty and complexity of work.

Senior consultants - £900 to £1200 per day, depending on the difficulty and complexity of work.

These rates are exclusive of VAT, travel and hotel expenses.  Lower rates apply to projects in excess of 20 working days.

Please send all enquiries for consultancy work to mike@lingualearn.co.uk or telephone/fax us on 01273-597169 or simply express interest using a short on-line form and we'll get back to you to collect further details.



For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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