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Business culture training for England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, China etc

Lingualearn services


Lingualearn provides tailor-made training for individuals and companies.  This training consists of many different elements:

  • general information on the target culture & stereotypes
  • information on the culture of business in the target country 
  • business etiquette
  • information on how businesses are organised in the target country
  • useful books, guides, films and websites
  • culture and cultural differences
  • culture shock
  • language and culture, registers, appropriateness, accents, dialects
  • cultural self-awareness
  • linguistic and paralinguistic issues, e.g. eye contact, handshakes, proxemics and body language
  • we can also add a language component of survival skills in the target language and useful phrases
  • another possible component is to add information on the target country and region


Lingualearn's business culture training is ideal for executives on the move and international business travellers who wish to find one easy way of preparing themselves for a foreign culture.  As the information and advice can be given by distance means, it is a very flexible service which can be delivered by email, fax, telephone, mail or internet to nearly any location worldwide. The most effective method, however, is to use blended training: a combination of face-to-face and distance techniques.


Good communications are essential for a successful business.  Good international communications with foreign partners, suppliers, clients and employees can contribute to excellent relationships, confidence, understanding and goodwill.  Failure to take into account linguistic and cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings, errors, culture shock, suspicion, bad will, poor relationships and ultimately lost business.


The first step is to fill in the on-line form for Lingualearn's business culture training.  We need to assess your needs carefully before giving you an estimate of costs, so we may request some further  information.  After that, we'll propose a tailor-made package with timetable and costs to suit your exact requirements. The cost of the package will vary considerably depending on the culture, location, language and number of services required.  Ball-park costs are as follows: a self-study pack of information and advice presented in English costs ~£1000 per person per location, face-to-face training costs ~ £1,750 to £2,800 per day for up to 10 delegates, plus £80 per hour per person for the language tuition.  It can be presented in many different formats and adapted for special needs, e.g. the visually impaired, children etc. Catering for special needs will inevitably increase the price of the package - quotations on request.  The training can start before departure and continue while you are abroad.  Bon voyage!

To be able to understand the training, we recommend that clients have at least an intermediate level in English (~ band 5 on the IELTS scale).  If in doubt, we can arrange a short distance test for a small charge.

So, fill in the  on-line form now!

The above prices exclude VAT, and hotel/travel expenses, where necessary.


For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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