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Polish Materials and software

This section of the website is divided into 3 main parts:

1. advice on selecting materials and software for language learning,

2. products to buy, and

3. useful links.

The products to buy section also contains:

Translation software and dictionaries are found in other sections of the website. 

Advice on Selecting Materials

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of materials available for learning languages. Modern materials and software such as  CD ROMs, DVDs, cassettes, and videos, provide colour, variety and sources of authentic input (examples of real language used by native speakers).  Traditional materials are mainly text-based and tend to focus more on reading and writing skills e.g. course books, work books, text books, graded readers, and grammar exercises - these can also be very useful.  All these materials are designed for language learners, but we should not forget that there is a huge amount of authentic material designed for native speakers which can be used for advanced learners, and adapted for those who are less proficient: books, magazines, newspapers, games, music, films, radio, and tv.

When selecting materials for language learning you should try to find those that match your:

  • language level e.g. advanced level
  • age group e.g. adult 
  • reason for learning the language e.g. to improve your letter writing ability
  • preferred approach e.g. like to do repetitive exercises
  • mode of learning e.g. self-study
  • price range e.g. £15 to £25
  • equipment available e.g. using Windows 95+

Look for attractive materials, which you find interesting, colourful and useful.  They should be clearly laid out and well-structured.  Borrow materials from a friend or a library first, if you can, to make sure that you can get on with them.  You can also ask your teacher or fill in a short online form to use our advisory service.

You can also consult the CILT resources library . Another possibility is the Hull CALL software database.

Global Office - an enhancement to Microsoft Office for 100+ languages

Global Writer -  a word processor with a wide range of languages

Microsoft Office Proofing Tools - allows users to proof documents in 50+ languages (currently out of stock)

CD ROMs and DVDs from Eurotalk for learners of most languages and all levels

BBC DVDs, videos, books, audio books, software


Selected Products

Beginners - All Ages

Vocabulary Builder Polish


RRP: £14.99




  • Learning new words really is child's play with this cartoon disc for 4-12 year olds
  • Use the microphone to record cartoons and play them back in your own "cinema"
  • Challenge your family to join in with the 9 different games
  • Click on pictures to hear the words
  • Win your own gold award
  • Ask a friendly tiger for help - he speaks 49 languages

Beginners level

Talk Now! Learn Polish


Our Price: £24.99


-click on the image for our latest price and availability


  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Comprehensive - Topics include: first words; phrases; food; shopping; numbers and time
  • Interactive - Immediate response to every choice you make
  • Compare Your Pronunciation - Compare yourself with native speakers using the record facility
  • Test Your Knowledge - Easy and hard quizzes, plus a challenging memory game!
  • Monitor Your Progress - Keep a check on your total score, and print your own awards
  • On Screen Help - Help available at all times in over 60 languages
  • Print A Picture Dictionary - Print your own dictionary for handy reference

Elementary level

Teach Yourself Polish: Complete Book & CD Pack

Teach Yourself Languages

Our Price: £27.99


-click on the image for our latest price and availability


This book & CD is intended to help you progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking and writing Polish. Twenty thematic units increase in complexity, as they move from dealing with everyday situations to talking about the past and making plans. The emphasis is on communication throughout, with important language structures introduced through dialogues in each unit. These build up to give you a command of the essential phrases necessary for a trip to Poland. Exercises are included so that you can practice the language as it is introduced, and tips throughout should help with the grammar.

Beginners to elementary level

Rosetta Stone V2 Polish Level 1 Personal Edition (Mac/PC)

Rosetta Stone

RRP: £139.00


  • Up to 250 hours of instruction
  • Over 3500 real-life images and phrases
  • Illustrated user's guide
  • Curriculum text book
  • No translation
  • No memorization
  • No drills
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