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Materials and software

This section of the website is divided into 3 main parts:

1. advice on selecting materials and software for language learning,

2. products to buy, and

3. useful links.

The products to buy section also contains:

Translation software and dictionaries are found in other sections of the website. 

Advice on Selecting Materials

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of materials available for learning languages. Modern materials and software such as  CD ROMs, DVDs, cassettes, and videos, provide colour, variety and sources of authentic input (examples of real language used by native speakers).  Traditional materials are mainly text-based and tend to focus more on reading and writing skills e.g. course books, work books, text books, graded readers, and grammar exercises - these can also be very useful.  All these materials are designed for language learners, but we should not forget that there is a huge amount of authentic material designed for native speakers which can be used for advanced learners, and adapted for those who are less proficient: books, magazines, newspapers, games, music, films, radio, and tv.

When selecting materials for language learning you should try to find those that match your:

  • language level e.g. advanced level
  • age group e.g. adult 
  • reason for learning the language e.g. to improve your letter writing ability
  • preferred approach e.g. like to do repetitive exercises
  • mode of learning e.g. self-study
  • price range e.g. £15 to £25
  • equipment available e.g. using Windows 95+

Look for attractive materials, which you find interesting, colourful and useful.  They should be clearly laid out and well-structured.  Borrow materials from a friend or a library first, if you can, to make sure that you can get on with them.  You can also ask your teacher or fill in a short online form to use our advisory service.

You can also consult the CILT resources library . Another possibility is the Hull CALL software database.

Global Office - an enhancement to Microsoft Office for 100+ languages

Global Writer -  a word processor with a wide range of languages

Microsoft Office Proofing Tools - allows users to proof documents in 50+ languages (currently out of stock)

CD ROMs and DVDs from Eurotalk for learners of most languages and all levels

BBC DVDs, videos, books, audio books, software


French materials to buy

- for beginners, beginners, intermediate-advanced, advanced, all levels & children

Selected Products


Michel Thomas Foundation Course: French (Michel Thomas) [Audiobook] (Audio CD)

Michel Thomas

Our Price: £69.99



Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours, but click on the image for our latest price and availability

Michel Thomas's approach to language learning aims to provide in a few hours a functional working knowledge of a language without books, note-taking or conscious memorizing. This course provides an eight-hour course.


Rapid French


Our Price: £11.99


  • essential words and phrases
  • ideal for your iPod
  • Audio CD with phrase book
  • lots of repetition by native speakers
  • enjoyable background music
  • click on the image to order online


Talk Now! Learn French


Our Price: £24.99

Platform: Macintosh, Windows
Usually dispatched in 24 hours, but click on the image for our latest price and availability
CD-ROM - Eurotalk Limited
Topics include; first words, phrases,
shopping, numbers and time
Ideal for beginners


For more details on "All Talk"  - the new audio course on CD click here



Beginners, intermediate & advanced

Tell Me More - French 8

CD-ROM - Auralog

Recommended Retail Price: £49.99



Usually dispatched in 24 hours, but click on the image for our latest price and availability

  • Over 250 hours of learning and 40 types of activities
  • Over 1,200 exercises and 40 types of activities
  • 3 lesson modes for a personalized learning experience
  • S.E.T.S technology and speech recognition: 3D animation
  • Interactive dialogue and MPEG videos
  • Explore the world of dubbing with Film Set
  • Learning on the go: Audio CDs or MP3 files created from WAV
  • A step-by-step activity guide in PDF format
  • High quality headset included

Beginner - Intermediate level

The French experience


Our Price: £39.99



This highly successful course has now been revised and updated to include the euro and other key changes in France and French life.
The French Experience 1 is the ideal course for beginners in French.The French Experience 1 is designed both for independent learners and for those studying in classes. From the very beginning, it encourages learners to develop their listening and speaking skills with confidence.

This pack includes a 288-page full-colour course book and 4 x 75-minute audio CDs. Also available with cassettes.

Beginner - Intermediate level

Learn to speak French


Our Price: £29.99

  • Speech recognition technology
  • Voice recording and playback
  • Talking dictionary
  • Pre-assessment test to determine your level
  • Progress tracking
  • Over 100 lessons
  • Cultural Movies


Get Into French Course Pack: CD-ROM, Audio CD and Book


RRP: £34.99



  • new interactive course for beginners from BBC Languages and Cambridge University Language Centre
  • two PC CD-ROMs, book, audio CD and a dedicated website
  • the CD-ROM will take you into a virtual French town where you can take part in role-plays, conversations and activities
  • in the bar, hotel or department store
  • you can record your voice and compare yourself to native speakers
  • built-in phrase book
  • pop-up grammar notes
  • the language that you really need for travel and holidays

Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours, but click on the image for our latest price and availability

Intermediate - advanced level


Authentik- resources in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and English for intermediate and advanced level language learners

Beginners to Advanced


Penny Sewell

from £25


The DVDs on offer here explain fully the pitfalls that await speakers of English as they learn French, and give finely targeted guidance on every aspect of French pronunciation.

Intermediate - Advanced level

Learn French Now! 9.0

Transparent Language

Our Price: £32.49


-click on the image for our latest price and availability


  • over 16,000 words per language
  • microphone supplied
  • real native speakers in full motion video
  • record, playback and compare your accent
  • play loads of fun games and activities



Advanced level

Michel Thomas Advanced Review Course: French (Michel Thomas)

Michel Thomas

RRPrice: £10


The brand new Review courses are a major new offering. For the first time, the student can quickly and easily review the entire teaching contents of the main course, to establish which areas need to be revisited or to consolidate learning.

The Reviews can be used in many ways: when the student reaches the end of the main course to check or consolidate learning; as a quick refresher when the student returns to the main course after a lapse of time; for the newcomer to Michel Thomas looking for an overview of what the main courses contain.

All the main teaching points have been lifted from the corresponding Advanced course and are contained on just 1 CD.

For children

We have a selection of materials for children


All levels

French Pro by Linguaphone

RRP: £299.90




  • French for all the family
  • Level : beginner to proficient
  • Format: 6 high quality books, 12 CDs and 1 online subscription


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