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The Wide-Ranging Benefits of Lingualearn Language Training

Improvement in Communicative Competence in the Target Language

The most obvious, direct and immediate benefit of Lingualearn language training is that your employees will get better at communicating in a foreign language. We try to ensure that your employees have the optimum conditions for learning a language: small groups, motivated, competent and well-organised language trainers, a good selection of interesting and attractive learning materials, and a carefully designed course aiming at relevant and useful language, pitched at just the right level and paced at just the right speed. We use a variety of methods and materials to cater for the full range of learning styles of your employees. Our courses are designed to help your employees make fast progress and make maximum use of your precious time. We ensure that all our beginner and elementary level courses cover the basics of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation. The higher level courses are built on a solid foundation of pre-communicative language work so that our students can progress as fast as possible to more advanced language skills. The preparatory work is just a means to an end, and the overall aim is communication in the foreign language.

Business-Related Benefits of Lingualearn Language Training

When a language course is tailored to the specific needs of a group of employees, it is much more likely to be successful. Your employees are much less likely to get bored, because the course is irrelevant or too easy; similarly, they are less likely to drop out, because the course is too difficult. They are more likely to assimilate the new language and appreciate its relevance. They are much more likely to maintain a higher level of motivation when they feel they are making good progress.

working together in this way will develop new friendships and develop new links

When your employees are able to communicate well in a foreign language, this can produce a host of benefits:

  • they create a better impression of your company when travelling abroad
  • they develop closer business relationships with foreign customers and suppliers
  • they are able to negotiate better deals with foreign companies
  • they are able to explain your requirements more precisely to suppliers
  • they are able to develop better rapport and goodwill
  • they are less likely to waste time and money when travelling abroad
  • they are more able to sell your products at exhibitions and trade fairs
  • they are more able to understand and take advantage of opportunities abroad
  • they are more able to contribute to your corporate objectives related to international communications

Less Obvious Business-Related Benefits of Lingualearn Language Training

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, there are a large number of spin-offs that may be less obvious. One of the frequent comments that we get from delegates on our courses is that they can't wait for the next lesson. We design our courses to be as effective as possible, but also as enjoyable as possible. Some role-plays can be hilarious, some videos set in the target country can be very colourful and interesting; generally learning about a foreign language and culture can be something of an eye-opener. Such courses can provide a refreshing break from the high-pressure environment of many modern companies. Following such a break, employees should be able to go back to work and be more productive.

There are also the social aspects of working together with a small group of employees on a regular basis.These courses provide an opportunity for employees from different departments and different levels in the hierarchy to mix. Our students are encouraged to co-operate with their colleagues and to help each other with homework, practising the language and sharing resources. It is inevitable that employees working together in this way will develop new friendships and develop new links that may be useful on other projects. This group cohesion and sense of belonging to a group can help to reduce staff turnover.

As our courses are carefully monitored, with frequent reports sent to your training manager, this information can also be used to help identify employees with potential for staff development or more senior positions in the company. When senior staff participate in language courses and mix with more junior staff, this also provides an opportunity to spot potential highflyers and those who have little potential for learning new skills.

Personal Benefits of Lingualearn Language Training

Lingualearn language training is a relatively low-cost method of providing a considerable benefit to your staff. Our students often get great satisfaction from the progress they make on our courses; they enjoy showing their language certificates to their family and friends, and have something that they can put on their CV. Apart from being useful in the workplace, a foreign language may be of use to your employees if they have a house abroad, foreign friends or relatives, or perhaps they enjoy listening to foreign music.

Some students find learning a foreign language a very challenging experience. At the beginner level, it is sometimes difficult for students to be in a position where they understand almost nothing and frequently make mistakes; not everybody can cope with this feeling of helplessness. Moving past this point requires quite a lot of work and effort, but once the student starts to become fluent, this can lead to considerable satisfaction and a feeling of personal achievement. Learning a foreign language may be enjoyable at times, but there is nevertheless, a lot of hard work to do. Lingualearn courses tend to be intensive and stimulating experiences, but overall, satisfying and rewarding ones. Improved study skills and IT skills are also possible spin-offs.

Probably the most important personal benefit of our language training is the feeling that employees get that they are valued as an individual. Right from the start, we ask them about their individual needs and preferences. We carry out a detailed needs analysis. At every stage of the training we consider their individual needs and treat each employee at a special person, with his or her own learning style and preferences. At the end of each term of training, we send an individual progress report to your training manager.

our students love their courses, they make good progress, and they feel valued

Generally speaking, our students love their courses, they make good progress, and they feel valued. They feel that their company is looking after them by providing such a high quality language course that takes care of their individual needs.

Dr M I Freeman

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