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Tecnilab Products and Services Discontinued.

This product or service was discontinued on 7th of December 2012. Following the restructuring of the company, the board decided to focus on our core products and services.

Lingualearn would like to thank you for your past custom and hope that this change does not cause you any inconvenience.


tecnilab digital language labs

Tecnilab makes language teaching and learning easy and productive:

  • User-friendly
  • Expandable
  • Modular
  • Internally and externally compatible
  • Updatable
  • Flexible
  • Networkable
  • Multi-functional
  • Multi-purpose
  • Usable with analogue or digital media
  • Open to multimedia resources
  • Available in “thin” workplace configurations
  • Suppliable with options for “cloud” type solutions for remote online support, student tracking, data storage and online help

TECNILAB - Working for your futures ...

tecnilab digital language laboratories

Tecnilab has been developing learning laboratory solutions since 1972. Our modern equipment combines cleverly-designed proprietary hardware and software for installations in many different learning and operating environments, so we can probably supply you with a set-up tailored to suit both your purse and your situation.

All our laboratory designs (the IDM and IDL system family) put the instructor in complete control of learning/training activities. You can start using our equipment after only a brief training session, so no headaches there, for either teachers or learners!

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tecnilab digital language labs

Our current top-of-the-range system is IDM PREMIUM, computer based and controlled, suitable for any training environment equipped for I.T. and telecommunications. Each installation, further expandable within the host institution/school, can be configured for up to 64 learner workstations. It is structurally independent of whatever I.T. platform is institutionally available, but configurationally compatible with recent Microsoft operational platforms (WINDOWS 98, ME, 2000 and 2000 server, XP, XP Pro).

IDM PREMIUM can exploit virtually any type of media resource, analogue or digital, whether Internet-derived, off-the-shelf commercial, institutionally available or developed in-house by individual instructors working on the fly, to design bespoke, individualised training for each learner. The fully installed system can define, control, monitor and test up to five distinctly tasked workstation groups, colour-coded, operating simultaneously but independently of each other during skills training. A group can contain from one individual up to the maximum installed number of workstations. The instructor can not only monitor on-screen each learner’s individual task progress but also subsequently re-run tasks in emulation mode to help or correct. All forms of two-way communication are supported, including mutual call, and proprietary software add-ons further enhance functionality.

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For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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