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Authentik magazines, courses and resources: A4 magazines and CDs for intermediate/advanced learners of French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Authentik Products and Services Discontinued.

This product or service was discontinued on 7th of December 2012. Following the restructuring of the company, the board decided to focus on our core products and services.

Lingualearn would like to thank you for your past custom and hope that this change does not cause you any inconvenience.

On this page: magazines, tests, course-book, japanese resources and resource banks



A4 magazines and CDs for advanced learners of French, German & Spanish

  • Up-to-date, topical, motivating resources 
  • Sent directly to your address up to 4 times a year 
  • Develops all the four language skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing 
  • Ideal for learning in the classroom, at home or in the car
  • Promotes exam success
  • Listening exercises
  • Transcriptions
  • Colourful photos and images


French, German and Spanish (Authentik)
AS/A2 advanced level - 4 issues per year


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Japanese Beginner Publications

Katakana Kantan

This book is a great resource to incorporate into your teaching of Katakana. It introduces all 46 Katakana syllables in 16 lessons, in innovativeways that appeal to and motivate students. The workbook introduces the script through basic survival skills, such as reading a menu, shopping, writing one’s name etc. Students are then presented with a variety of reading and writing tasks aimed at aiding acquisition, from basic crossword puzzles to comprehension exercises using store floor guides, TV schedules, sales brochures etc. Learning to handle authentic texts from this early stage in their study of Japanese will motivate pupils and give them the skills to move on to more advanced real tasks.

Nihongo Kantan

Centred on the specific learning needs of young adults, Nihongo Kantan consists of a 300 pagetextbook and accompanying CD. Based on a carefully selected theme, each unit is laid out in a clear, colourful way, and includes conversations, linguistic and cultural notes, individual and group exercises, topic-based Kanji, listening exercises, and much more. With its comprehensive and easy-to-use layout, Nihongo Kantan is both an ideal classroom and self-study textbook that can be used independently or with its companion workbooks Katakana Kantan and Hiragana Kantan.

Hiragana Kantan

This book adopts a similar approach to its companion, Katakana Kantan. This colourful work aims to bring fun and enjoyment into mastery of the Hiragana syllabary. Syllables are introduced on a needs basis, rather than on the traditional approach of following the order of the Hiragana chart. Hiragana chart. The workbook guides learners with structured writing practice, recognition exercises, authentic reading exercise, dictionary skills exercises and freehand writing practice. Hiragana rarely stands alone in Japanese writing, and this book exposes students to Kanji with Hiragana. Learners quickly realise that Kanji is a help and not a hindrance to reading. Hiragana Kantan is the first workbook of its kind accompanied by a CD.


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Photocopiable Resources/TESTS

French, German, Italian and Spanish Photocopiable Resources


Intermediate Listening + MP3


Advanced Listening + MP3
Advanced Reading

All Authentik photocopiables are now in digital format and downloadable MP3 audio files are for listening tests.

All pedagogical support material and the transcript of all the audio material delivered online in a more user-friendly format - as downloadable worksheets.

Order now direct from Authentik

Course book

Italian advanced level - course book (In bocca al lupo)

In bocca al lupo! is a new Italian textbook, which was developed in partnership with the Irish Department of Education. It provides up-to-the-minute content, exercises and activities targeted at developing the 4 skills in Italian for intermediate to advanced level, perfect to take students through the complete senior cycle. The book covers a full two year curriculum and comes with two accompanying CDs with excellent audio content.

The full Teachers Notes for the book can be accessed via the Authentik website www.authentik.com under Downloads. Just enter the password trastevere in the box provided, click on Show Files and then you can download the files from there. The first three units of the book are also available to download free of charge from the Authentik website.


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  • via the internet
  • 3000+ articles in 4 languages: English, French, German and Spanish
  • support for independent learning
  • focus on youth culture
  • interactive exercises and games
  • for school and home use
  • updated weekly
  • for intermediate and advanced levels

Authentik Interactive has undergone a huge transformation in recent months. It now has video as well as audio and text integrated content and a range of games and activities for learners of English, French, German and Spanish. The website is cutting edge and the content is updated every week. We are working in association with Agence France Presse, who are providing the media content for the site.

We offer Individual, School and 3rd level subscriptions which allow beginners to advanced learners to develop their language skills on the site for an entire year. The School and 3rd Level subscriptions allow the entire school or 3rd level institution to use the product. Teachers can use the site in the classroom and students to use it at home for further practice. Teachers can track the progress of their students.


Order now direct from Authentik



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