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on-line language learning

Language learning and international communications

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On-line language learning

Lingualearn on-line language courses: distance learning

Lingualearn is able to offer award-winning, on-line-learning language courses. Our solutions provide the ideal learning environment for people on the go.
If you are:

  • a busy manager who needs to improve your language skills, but have little time to fit in a regular lesson pattern
  • have employees who have to travel abroad regularly but struggle to speak the language
  • find that you learn languages better on-line or by other distance means
  • need a language course that is personalised for your needs

then our on-line language learning packages can help you by providing an accessible, user-friendly teaching method that can be tailored to your learning environment.

Our on-line language learning technology offers:

  • A selection of different topics in business and everyday language
  • Unlimited on-line lesson hours
  • Up to 10,000 exercises to improve written and oral expression, comprehension and grammar
  • An audio-glossary including up to 10,000 words
  • Cutting-edge speech recognition technology
  • Different language interfaces

The courses can be any day, at any time and any place where the client has an internet and phone connection.  With mobile communications improving all the time, learning a language couldn't be easier!

Our on-line language learning courses are available for learning English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish and Arabic.  Clients need to be native speakers of English or have at least an intermediate level in English (~ band 5 on the IELTS scale).  If in doubt, we can arrange a short remote test for a small charge.  Our on-line language learning courses tend to work best for intermediate and advanced level language learners.

Find out more about our e–learning solutions. Please complete the information below and we'll contact you about your proposed on-line language course.

Distance language learning

Lingualearn provide distance learning solutions for many languages; the main ones are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Dutch.

Examples of on-line language learning

The courses are tailor-made for each individual and typically consist of self-study using published materials, written exercises by email, telephone follow-up and general support via the website:

Course Lingualearn on-line language learning courses by email, telephone and internet materials + email + phone + website

e.g.1  A level supplementary course = read set texts + write essays and send by email + discuss answers on the phone

e.g.2  Business course = read business letters + write replies and send by email + discuss content or corrections on the phone

e.g.3  Course for young learner = listen to songs on CD + write down some of the lyrics and email to tutor + chat about songs to tutor on the phone

e.g. 4 Beginners course for travel abroad = watch CD ROM + make notes + practise key structures on phone with tutor.

Cost and duration of Lingualearn on-line language learning programs

Distance courses are for a minimum of 30 hours; we recommend at least three hours per week.  Courses vary in price according to their length and complexity, and according to the qualifications/experience of the tutor, but a ballpark figure for a 30-hour course would be £1500 with a qualified native-speaker teacher.  This price would include teaching materials and a brief needs analysis, but not the cost of telephone calls to your tutor or VAT.  Once our quotation is accepted, we'll send you an order form, an invoice for the course fee plus £50 registration, together with our terms and conditions of trade.  Please note that a 30-hour course is the time spent by the learner; this consists 15 hours tuition by phone plus 15 hours self-study (completion of reading, writing and listening exercises, set and marked by your tutor). 

If time and location permit, we recommend that students and tutors have an initial face-to-face meeting and occasional meetings to review progress.  When possible, these meetings may be arranged at an additional cost of ~£50 to £75 per hour (plus travel expenses where applicable).

Contact us below for more information on our on-line language learning solutions or continue reading for more details on the programme's structure:

Alternative on-line language learning course

We are also able to offer 3 levels of web-based distance training using the latest technology from Auralog:


The key benefits of this course are: state-of-the art on-line language learning, website placement test, report on progress, many types of reading, listening, pronunciation exercises and achievement test.


The key benefits of this on-line learning course are those for E-LEARNING plus: personalised language progamme, questions and support by email.


The key benefits of this course are those for E-TUTORING plus: regular follow ups by tutor to keep student motivated, two 30-minute telephone conversations with tutor and active support by tutor by email.

A complete language training program:

  • Definition of objectives
• Placement Test
• Progress Test
• Language Achievement Test
• Detailed reports without Tutor’s comments sent to students
• Automatic follow-up
• Summary reports sent to Training Managers
• Responses to all types of student questions (paedagogical and functional)
• Non-personalised tutoring
• Headset
• Technical support

Intensive tutoring and personalised coaching to guarantee your chances for success:

  • Definition of objectives
• Periodic telephone meetings
• Placement Test
• Detailed reports with Tutor's comments sent to students
• Summary reports sent to Training Managers
• Progress Test
• Language Achievement Test
• Personalised responses
• Personalised weekly follow-up
• Weekly comments on student work
• Same Tutor throughout the training period
• Headset
• Technical Support

With the specialised on-line student portal, we guarantee your chances to successfully get a return on your investment.

  • Simple and fast implementation
• A completely decentralised solution including on-line language lessons, assured tutoring, technical and educational support, and the maintenance of the on-line language learning programme, all hosted by your company's server.
• Solution available on-line or off-line
• Latest technological innovations in the domain of speech recognition technology to assess student pronunciation and compare it to that of native speakers
• Rich and varied content pertaining to daily life and the business world
• 10,000 vocabulary words classified by level and theme
• 35 different kinds of activities per level
• Content divided into 6 workshops, including a cultural workshop
• Grammar rules classified by level and category
• More than 1,200 exercises per level to improve written and oral expression and comprehension, and knowledge of grammar
• Choice of different interface languages with the possibility for total immersion

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on-line language learning

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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