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English video brochure

Lingualearn offers a comprehensive range of language products and services.

Introduction to Lingualearn

Click on the links below to view a high-definition video clip. Most video clips are about one minute long and best viewed using the latest version of Windows Media Player.

our main services

Business language training - very high quality language training for our corporate clients, for example:

RWE case study, language teaching beginners, language teaching intermediates, student interviews, client interview and trainer interviews (all at RWE)

Distance language courses by telephone, email and internet
Homestays - complete immersion at the teacher's home

Translation services available for most languages and text-types
Language testing by telephone, email and internet
Website advertising on the Lingualearn website
Proofreading services available for most languages and text-types

our main products

Software for language learning - stand-alone, networked and online
Eurotalk software - a fun way to learn over 100 languages on CD ROM
Earworms software - new audio CDs with the target language set to music
Clarity software - improve your English and study skills
Auralog software - comprehensive, flexible and sophisticated software
Authentik resources - audio magazines, resource banks and other resources

Dragon software - state-of-the-art speech recognition software
InPage software - wordprocessing and DTP in Urdu on CD ROM

Contact Us 

Managing Director:

Dr M. I. Freeman


+44 (0)1273 597169 



Dr Freeman:










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