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Lingualearn is a large language consultancy offering a comprehensive range of high quality language products and services, e.g. translations & language courses. We cater for anyone with a need for international communications. Our website is an on-line resource centre for advice, information, language services, products to buy and useful links. [video intro']


language courses, translation, interpreting, business culture training, proof-reading, multi-lingual websites, language testing, consultancy services, multi-lingual documents & personal tutors

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English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish & Hebrew

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materials, software, magazines, books, grammars, dictionaries, music, games and films

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Best sellers

Michel Thomas CDs

InPage Urdu software

Eurotalk CD-ROMs

Earworms CDs

high-quality language training: RWE case study

Lingualearn optimises all the factors for successful language learning: small groups, a good selection of up-to-date and attractive learning materials, well-organised and motivated language trainers, expertly designed language courses...




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